Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Interview with Elle Emtage, author of Gray Skies

Title: Gray Skies
Author: Elle Emtage
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 170
Genre: Romance
Format: Ebook
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 Dunstan’s dashing good looks, thriving business and exotic lifestyle made him one of the world’s most sought after bachelors; but none of this seemed to quell Dunstan’s desire for Destiny. As their courtship evolves their romance is woven from a tapestry of classical beauty and romantic places in the orange light of the Tuscan sun. To Destiny, her life once filled with endless days of meetings and long nights alone is now full of life and love in a whirlwind romance. In the midst of their developing relationship however, tragedy rips them apart and she discovers a thread in time which links their existence to an unbelievable possibility. This possibility threatens their very existence, but Dunstan, fueled by his love, will stop at nothing until he reclaims what he has lost. A fantasy romance novel, Gray Skies demonstrates how true love can even overcome obstacles set by the universe.


Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what do you listen to?
Yes. I like to listen to New Age, folk music. Enya is one of my favorites to write to.

Do you have any suggestions for upcoming writers?
Believe in your writing, take criticism well but stick to your instinct. If a critic gives you advice on structure, flow etc. then by all means listen and adjust where necessary. However I would advise that you never lose sight of your story, only use feedback to enhance it. Not everyone will share your point of view or your passion. We are all different with different tastes – remember that and keep writing!

What is it you like to do when you are not reading/writing?
My life is pretty busy. I’m a commercial manager, full time mom and wife. If I’m not writing, generally I’m taking care of my life and family.

Is there an author/authors that have inspired you?            
I absolutely loved the novel Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes – it’s one of my favorites. I believe that this was the chief inspiration for the setting for this novel.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer!

How do you/would you react to a bad review of your book?

I’d take my own advice!

Elle Emtage is a business professional and has been published in several media houses. Elle’s passion for writing has transformed throughout the years and she is sharing her love of romance and intrigue through the début of this novel. Elle and her family consider themselves fortunate to live on the beautiful island of Barbados.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Correcting Misconceptions by Rev. Dr. Hazel Ann Gibbs Depeza Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon GC!

Title: Correcting Misconceptions
Author: Rev. Dr. Hazel Ann Gibbs De Peza
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
Genre: Education
Format: Kindle

 The book, a research paper, reveals and analyzes misconceptions about the Spiritual Baptist Faith, an indigenous religious expression of Christianity in Trinidad and Tobago. It highlights the academic bias to the Faith, which is maligned and misunderstood because of its humble beginnings amidst ex-plantation slaves of African descent and its history of persecution and prosecution by the colonial authorities of the early 20th century.The research provided answers to some of the troubling questions about the Faith and served as the source for the book My Faith, Spiritual Baptist Christian by the same author.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dawn of Ages by Mike Phillips Book Feature!

Dawn of Ages Book Banner

5144907Title: Dawn of Ages
Author: Mike Phillips
Genre: Science Fiction/Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Eternal Press
Pages: 291 
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 It’s the end of the world, but a new beginning for humanity. The war has lasted for generations. In this technological age, no longer must humans risk their lives in combat. Fierce robots operated by remote control make up the bulk of the militaries. Satellites in the atmosphere render the heavens a frenzy of violent confrontation. However, the war has little effect on everyday life. The bloodshed is minimal, the disruption to commerce even less. It is a comfortable war. Most of the populace believe they have nothing to fear. Little they know their world is about to come to an end.



Mike PhillipsMike Phillips is author of The World Below and Reign of the Nightmare Prince. His short stories have appeared in ParAbnormal Digest, Cemetery Moon, Sinister Tales, Beyond Centauri, the World of Myth, Mystic Signals and many others. Online, his work has appeared in Lorelei Signal, Kzine, Bewildering Stories, Midnight Times, and Fringe. He is best known for his Crow Witch and Patrick Donegal series. Please visit Mike at


Friday, April 17, 2015

Monster Squad The Iron Golem by Christian Page Book Feature!

Monster Squad The Iron Golem Book Banner

Monster Squad The Iron GolemTitle: Monster Squad: The Iron Golem
Author: Christian Page
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Kindle/Paperback

Monsters. Mad Scientists. Danger.

Dark forces are converging on the sleepy town of Autumn's Hallow. Monsters in the woods, mad scientists on the loose and sinister minions lurk. Four young friends must band together to uncover a secret plot that threatens them, the town they live in and the people they love. It's up to Blaine Davis, Daschle Gaunt, Shelley Merry and Drake Harker, heirs to fantastic powers to stop an evil that threatens to consume the world. Can the Monster Squad thwart the evil Victor von Frankenstein in time? Find out in Book 1 of an exciting new series! New Generation Publishing's 2014 Children's Book of the Year Award Winner

For More Information

Monster Squad: The Iron Golem is available at Amazon.

Christian Page loves stories that combine fun, action and adventure. A father of two, he lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with his wife, son, daughter, overly plump cat and under-behaved dog.

For More Information Visit Christian’s website.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Diary of a Nobody by Gaylon Kent Book Feature

The Diary of a Nobody Book Banner

The Diary of a Nobody From earning a living to getting the dog to poop to running for the United States Senate, The Diary of a Nobody chronicles the life of Sparrow, a funny, average man passing an average life. In addition to Sparrow, you’ll meet The Wife, the cat, the dog, his friend Bonser and his rug rat Matt and Brian, Sparrow’s co-worker at the Doily Delivery Company.

 The Diary of a Nobody is a real-time novel, updated daily at It begins in October, 2013 and was inspired by a 19th century British novel of the same name. Gaylon Kent, 49, is an American writer. In addition to The Diary of a Nobody, Gaylon has written the novel The Regular Guys and Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir. He also writes the columns The Daily Dose and The Bottom Ten. All of Gaylon’s work is available exclusively at

 In past lives Gaylon has been, among other things, a radio announcer and a newspaper reporter, as well as working security at the Monte Carlo and Venetian/Palazzo hotels in Las Vegas and working a Brinks armored truck. Gaylon was the Colorado Libertarian Party’s nominee for United States Senate in 2014, finishing third in a six-person race with a bit more than 52,000 votes. He is a two-time graduate of the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires and is an accomplished high school sports official. Gaylon served on an old diesel submarine, the USS Blueback, in the Navy and still like his grandfather, Gaylon C Kent, commands his American Legion post. Gaylon and his wife Marian live in Hayden, Colorado. He is originally from Los Angeles. He enjoys a wine pairing from time to time and is known to not wash his coffee mug.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Red Stick One by Kenneth Kirkeby Book Feature!

Title: Red Stick One
Author: Kenneth Kirkeby
Publisher: K. Kirkeby
Pages: 272
Genre: Adventure/Thriller
Format: Kindle/Paperback

 When senior wildlife officer, Tom Jay Harding, is murdered in the field the half-Indian boy he raised, now grown and also a wildlife officer, takes off his badge to embark on a cross-country search for the killer.

For More Information

Red Stick One is available at Amazon. Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

 Kenneth Kirkeby has written for national outdoor magazines for over 20 years. His first novel, The Tournament, was published in 1996. He served in the Marine Corps and lives in North Texas. Red Stick One is his second novel. For More Information Connect with Kenneth on Twitter. Find out more about Kenneth at Goodreads. 

Schade of Night by J.P. Wilder Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Schade of Night Title: Schade of Night
Author: J.P. Wilder
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 356
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback/Kindle
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 Schade Lee, ex-FBI agent turned PI, is on a mission to prove her dreams wrong. While on a case to find runaway Kylie Berson, Schade follows a gruesome path where she learns Kylie is in love with a serial killer with animalistic instincts. But what she does not know is that the killer is of supernatural origins, that she will inherit a demonic bloodline on her thirty-third birthday, and that she has had a guardian since birth. After the killer lures her to a frozen town, Schade meets her guardian, Kenan Quicke, who tells her they are allies with the same goal. But Schade, who has never made a habit of trusting strangers, decides to continue on her mission—just as she learns the killer has set his sights on her. His plan is to recover an ancient artifact and use it to steal her budding power at the height of her soul’s transition. Now, with help from Kenan, she must not only defeat the killer and destroy the artifact, but also face the Sentinels, a shadowy organization that intends to enslave her for their own purposes. In this fantasy tale, a private investigator on a mission to save a runway faces a surprising destiny that leads her into a dangerous world where she can trust no one but herself. .


J.P. Wilder is a Certified Public Accountant. When not crunching numbers or stumbling through fatherhood, he writes tales of dark sorcery and ferocious beasties and maintains a blog about gothic, urban, and high fantasy. J.P. and his wonderful wife, Marie, live in Southern California with their children.  

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Lady Who Lived Again by Thomasine Rappold Cover Reveal!

Title: The Lady Who Lived Again
Author: Thomasine Rappold
Publisher: Lyrical Press

 In THE LADY WHO LIVED AGAIN, the first book in the new Soul Survivor series, Madeline Sutter and her four gorgeous friends rule the Gilded Age resort town of Glass Lake, NY with silk-covered fists—until the day the entire clique is killed in a devastating accident.  Although Maddie is declared dead at the scene, she later awakens to find herself shunned by once adoring neighbors who now fear she has been touched by the devil.  Maddie knows the town's handsome new physician could ruin her for good if he discovers the explosive secret behind her survival, but she will need his help if she’s ever to regain her place in the sun.  As a man of science, Dr. Jace Merrick feels duty-bound to quash the superstitious rumors of Maddie’s “resurrection.”  But Jace is so infatuated with his latest patient that he’s losing his grip on his professionalism. An affair means danger for both of them, but Maddie and Jace cannot seem to fight the pull.  Instead, she hides behind lies, he hides behind logic, and both resist love as the truth is unveiled.


The Lady Who Lived Again is available for pre-order at Amazon, Books-a-Million and Kobo

Monday, April 6, 2015

Starting Over by Stacy Finz Cover Reveal

Title: Starting Over
Author: Stacy Finz
Publisher: Lyrical Press

 The mountain town of Nugget, California, may be tiny, but with its breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and lovable locals, it has everything. Not to mention it’s the perfect setting for firsts—and seconds—of all kinds…

 On the day of her glitzy New York City wedding, society girl Samantha Dunsbury ditches her Wall Street groom, and hops in her convertible. Her only plan is to head west. But when a pit stop lands her at a lovely Victorian inn in Nugget, she doesn’t want to leave. And when the innkeeper needs someone to fill in, Sam is thrilled to take the job—her first! For once, she’s going to do what makes her happy. She just has to figure out what happy looks like. She never expects it to look like her surly new boss…

 The last thing Nate Breyer needs is a debutante dilettante mucking up his business. How his sister—and co-owner—could’ve hired Sam is beyond him. Nate’s known women like Sam before—he was engaged to one once. With no options, he’ll just have to keep his eye on her while also keeping his distance. But to his surprise it turns out Sam’s got a knack for the job, and for putting folks at ease—including Nate. As business—and pleasure—heat up their relationship, Nate finds himself ready to do anything to persuade the runaway-bride to stay permanently gone… 

FOR MORE INFORMATION Starting Over is available at Amazon

Stacy Finz is an award-winning journalist. After more than seventeen years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns for the San Francisco Chronicle, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writingfiction. In 2012 she won the Daphne du Maurier Award for unpublished single-title mystery/suspense. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband.

For More Information
Visit Stacy’s website.
Connect with Stacy on Facebook  and Twitter.

Two Brothers by C. (Mike) Dunaway Book Blast - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Title: Two Brothers
Author: C. (Mike) Dunaway
Publisher: Trafford
Pages: 296
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Hardcover
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 The story is about two brothers, fraternal twins. They move to California from Oklahoma with their parents in 1871 in an exchange of properties with a friend in Oklahoma and settle in on a three-hundred-acre ranch. They are attacked by three escapees from Yuma state prison who murdered their parents. For the next fifteen years, they would attempt to hunt down these killers and seek revenge. The boys are not gunslingers, but they grow up to be tough on survival. However, they don’t spend their time chasing ghosts; they do many things. One of the boys works on the ranch of a man that takes them in, and the other works at the Emporium, also owned by the rancher. They go through many trials in their search.

I challenged myself to write a western and found it rather simple with a little research. I’ve written five unpublished books; perhaps I will get around to publishing them in the future. Four are fiction books. One is autobiographical; however, I embellished a trifle to make it more interesting. The other three are in sequence. Book three follows up where two left off; however, book four has it own story line with most of the same characters.

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